Monday, May 25, 2009

SAG: "Don't be tricked into voting against the TV/Theatrical Contract"

Don't be Tricked into Voting Against the TV/Theatrical Contract

Some members are trying to take our union down and continue to circulate misinformation about our tentative agreement.

Don’t be fooled into voting down a good deal, with real gains for actors.The opponents would like you to believe they have a "plan" if this agreement is voted down. They've never actually said what that plan is, and for the last year, their plan failed miserably. You lost jobs, wages and maybe even your health coverage.· After a year of negotiations and 11 months of working without a contract, we finally have a good deal.· After losing wage increases of $85 million over the last year, actors and their families need this deal now.· We need the pay raises, added residuals, better benefits, and protections for the future offered by this contract.WE have a plan – to approve this contract, get our raises, rebuild our union, and restore union pride.

Just ask yourself if it’s smart to say no to a deal with real, solid financial gains for SAG actors. After a year working without a contract… is that really smart?

A YES vote is the smart vote.

So, when you see negative attacks launched by the opponents of this deal, ask them: What’s the alternative? They won’t give an answer, because they don’t have one.

Click to see what working SAG actors think on SAG TV: “What's the Alternative?”Vote YES today and mail your ballot.Go to for the facts. SAG’s National Board majority knows what the alternative to a YES vote means. And they want you to know, too.For more detailed information regarding the TV/Theatrical tentative agreements, visit the Contract Center on the SAG website at or email your questions or comments to